The reason most employees don’t work out is that the company didn’t do their homework upfront. In hiring, companies often fail to fully appreciate both what attributes are necessary for success in a certain role and what attributes a candidate possess.  

William T. Brooks authored the following list in his book, The New Science of Selling and Persuasion: How Smart Companies and Great Salespeople Sell. This list is a great starting point for putting together a profile for potential employees in any position. These attributes apply for every role within your company, from finance to human resources, and every job in between. They are in no certain order and the importance of each individual quality will vary by role. Try reordering them by significance based on the position you are looking to fill.

  1. Self-starting
  2. Goal Achieving
  3. Customer Focused
  4. Empathetic
  5. Objective Listener
  6. Influencer of others
  7. Leader of others
  8. Continuous learner
  9. Planning and organizing
  10. Developer of others
  11. Flexibility
  12. Results of orientation
  13. Conceptual thinking
  14. Resiliency
  15. Decision making
  16. Team player
  17. Problem solving
  18. Personal accountability
  19. Diplomacy and tact
  20. Self-management
  21. Conflict management
  22. Interpersonal skills
  23. Accountability for others

Check back next week for a post on how to use these attributes to guide your hiring.

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