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Coaching Testimonials

Huge positive impact

Rich Russakoff had a huge positive impact on every businessperson I have directed his way. His real-world, hands-on approach to the issues that confront every business makes a real difference.

Gary Hoover

Serial Entrepreneur , Big Wig Games

Rich Russakoff is an endless source of knowledge, wisdom, motivation, and business expertise. 

I would not be standing here today without Rich’s guidance and support. He is my coach and mentor and has been an endless source of knowledge, wisdom, motivation and business expertise.

Brett Hatton

Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Winner, Founder, Four Hands

Vast array of knowledge

Rich has an easy and informative step-by-step system for making any business a success. He has a vast array of knowledge…Thank you for everything you do for us entrepreneurs!

Tasha Skinner

Speaking Testimonials

Profound effect on me

I wanted to reach out to you to let you know that your presentation is one that’s had a profound effect on me.

I am continually evaluating against my Zone of Genius and pushing to stay in that zone as much as possible.

We had our first accountability group meet up yesterday and 4 people also cited the “Zone of Genius” concept as the thing that has impacted them the most as well.

I just wanted to let you know – you’re making a huge difference out there!

Marc Gutman

I will succeed!

I have much enjoyed your talk at the EMP-class in June this year at Endicott House.
The coin you distributed… is at my desk staring at me and it keeps reminding me to focus on my Zone of Genius. And I have to admit: I haven’t been doing a very good job… So today I decided to hire people that can take over the roles that are in my zone of competence and incompetence, so I can focus on my zone of genius. It may take a while before I find these people, but I will succeed!
Fleur M. Sluijter

My go-to guy

You have been speaking for the AICPA for the past four years. Your evaluation scores are consistently the highest in all 3 categories we survey: knowledge of subject presentation skills and relevance. I work with over 250 speakers a year, but you are my go-to guy. In my 11 years of planning conferences, I have not come across a more creative and dedicated force.

Alicia S. Ross

American Institute of Certified Public Accountants

The person that gave me the biggest takeaway from this event, is Rich Russakoff…

As I’m writing this, I’m on a plane returning from the 2010 Fortune Growth Summit, where I was exposed to some amazing speakers and content on growing and making your business better.

Some of the speakers included David Sokol (who Warren Buffet calls his Mr. Fix it, more to come on him soon), Chip Heath with his bestselling book Switch, Liz Wiseman with her new leadership book Multipliers (very impressive!), Robert Bloom who is a marketing legend and David Meerman Scott who shared his new book Real Time Marketing & PR. The conference ended with Tom Adams, CEO of Rosetta Stone.

Even with all this Star power, the person that I want to tell you about, the person that gave me the biggest takeaway from this event, is Rich Russakoff and his talk on getting more cash to flow to the bottom line. Rich is an international expert on cash flow management and bank financing.

Greg D'Amico

My email box was chock full of praise

I wanted to thank you in writing for the incredible and worthwhile presentation you made to the YEO Boston chapter. My email box was chock full of praise for you on the following day. Members felt that you had hit important issues dead on and had provided valuable insight into some of the things they were doing. The four members who met with you privately before the event were the most enthusiastic. Thanks for that added bonus. Call or email me if you have any questions regarding Rich and his presentation.

Morris Housen

YEO Boston

Unforgettable experience!

The tour you gave was amazing with wonderful results. I put in a great word for you in YEO… They asked if they should promote you as an INCREDIBLE event or just GREAT event. I said, “go for the INCREDIBLE.” On behalf of YEO and all the LAC Chapters you visited, I thank you again for an outstanding conference, amazing energy, good will, and an unforgettable experience!

Brian Arenas Rosillo

LAC Regional Coordinator

We have always been delighted with your presentations

I wanted to take an opportunity to thank you for your hard work over the past several years with the Inc. conference division. As you know, we work with hundreds of speakers. We have always been delighted with your presentations.

What sets you apart from other speakers is the fact that you are accessible and willing to share your time in the development phase of an event. Asking critical questions and sharing your experiences has led to great educational content for the attendee and through preparedness on your behalf.

Your flexibility and adaptability on site at the conference has been great. Conferences are at times unpredictable and your ability to adjust, when others cannot is deeply appreciated. Lastly, your insightful comments and observations after the conference, as they relate to the presentations and the audiences educational needs, has helped Inc. create stronger and stronger programming.

Kevin Gilligan

Senior Conference Producer, Inc. Business Resources

For the second year in a row, you were the number #1 at this event!

I just wanted to thank you, as our Inc. representative at the Birthing of Giants Program, for another successful session.

For the second year in a row, you were the number one speaker at this event! But I probably do not have to tell you how great your presentation was. After all, just about the entire audience approached you after the session.

Rich, thank you for always making us look so good and sharing your expertise!

Linda Burton

Director, Inc. Events

Impressed and appreciative

The seminar was even better than we had hoped. Rich’s presentation style was excellent, holding the audience and demonstrating that he was a seasoned pro. I was impressed and appreciative that when the program was done Rich stayed to help some of my clients who wanted even more advice regarding their specific needs and problems. This showed me that Rich was not just there to present a program; he was there to help people.

Nathan Chapman

The Marketing Center for Disability Law Practices

Truly spectacular

Thank you so much for your time, the event was truly spectacular and well received.  Also special thanks for the one on one break out sessions. I found your input valuable and timely!

KieAnn Brownell

Practical “real world” experience and… take-home actionable value.

I just finished reading the evaluations and Rich received mainly 9’s and 10’s. The recurring themes related to the most effective aspects of the program were…Rich’s practical “real world” experience and its user friendly content/take home actionable value. Specifically we received excellent feedback about the morning program regarding financial statements, value drivers, strategies for growth, cash flow projections and knowing the competition.

Dennis Barnes

St. Louis Chapter Learning Chair, EO

Star of the show

Wow! You were the star of the show! This audience had great things to say about you. Out of 40 nationally known speakers, you were #1. Congratulations.

Kevin Gilligan

Inc. Magazine Conference Division

Your presentation is essential for any business

Your presentation is essential for any business. I challenge anyone to hear your talk and not be able to immediately implement changes that positively impact their bottom line.

Mo Fathelbab

President , EO

You’re on track to be your best 

I was rockin’ as soon as I received a call from Rich. He’s the coach to the best because as soon as he starts coaching you, you’re on track to be your best.

Aaron Thurston

Lucy Music

Excellent kick-off to our mini MBA series this spring

The event was great, and so was Rich. We have received a great deal of feedback from the members applauding both the concept and the presentation. It was an excellent kick-off to our mini MBA series this spring. I would definitely recommend Rich’s program to other chapters.

Matthew Claymon

Indiana Chapter Learning Chair, EO

Retreat, Forum & Workshop Testimonials

Big impacts on our business

Thanks very much for your work with all of us in [our retreat] last month. I have been sharing what I learned…since returning and have acted on a few great ideas that have had big impacts on our business.

Sharon MacDonald

CEO, Model55

Fun, informative, and memorable

Thank you again for a fun, informative and memorable retreat.

Curt Carpenter

Principal, Lekker Home

Rich & Moe,
Thanks for all your help. It was a lovely time. I have already pulled together and presented to my team…some of the themes that we discussed. The trick will be to stay on track!
Lisa Vitale

President, SimplyDIRECT

Great to have you facilitate our retreat

[You gave us a] new catch-phrase that will be deployed early and often, Rich. Just a note of thanks for all of your and Moe’s care, content, and coordination.

Great to have you facilitate our retreat.  All thought it was a success.

Clark Waterfall

Managing Director/Co-Founder, BSG Team Ventures

Best retreat we have ever had!

The event Rich and Moe created for us was the best retreat we have ever had.  Rich took the time to reach out to everyone…with a phone call before the event… Together we collaboratively established the agenda for the retreat. The stage was set for what everyone… agreed was an OUTSTANDING two days!  

Both Moe and Rich brought knowledge, depth and a sense of humor. Rich was able to share his wisdom from a lifetime as a third generation entrepreneur… Rich’s hands-on sessions and breakout sessions…resulted in one breakthrough after another.  He managed to make them fun, entertaining, and highly informative.  Each and every person present walked out with newly gained perspectives about themselves and about their business.  Rich’s sessions are great for both new and seasoned entrepreneurs alike.

Moe really brought the “fun” to our retreat.  She pulled every person out of their comfort zone and into a space of growth, both as individuals and business owners. Moe gave every member in attendance a few easy to remember and repeat improv games designed to address the challenges of  improving communication in personal and business settings.

I recommend Moe and Rich to facilitate any [event] without hesitation.  

Lynn Anstett

Founder & CEO, Stett Transportation

Bank Financing Testimonials

Master at helping businesses

Rich is a master at helping businesses land the perfect bank loan – a loan structured so it supports the business model, marshaled through the process by the right banker for your business. All too often, business owners approach the loan process in a sloppy and shoot-from-the-hip manner. Instead, it’s a process that demands precision. Handled correctly, it can mean the difference between sleepless nights and peace of mind. Without question, Rich Russakoff is the best at putting together a loan package that makes banks compete for your business.

Verne Harnish

Author, Speaker, Coach , Rockefeller Habits

Transcendental Program

The 5 chairs 5 choices program had a memorable and positive impact on myself as a professional but also as a person.

It helped the leadership team improve the way we communicate with each other and with the rest of the company members.

It has also helped me find better ways to communicate with those around me in my daily life. It is the kind of transcendental program that will improve corporate culture and communication and that every employee at all levels should undertake.
I hope you’ll get more chances to spread this wonderful program soon! 

Lucy Martinez

Director of Marketing , Altournative Eco Parks, Playa Del Carmen, MX