I love having Rich in my life.

I love having Rich in my life…it really helps. I’ve worked with Rich for almost two years and during that time he has helped me both personally and professionally.  We first met when he facilitated a 2-day retreat I went on with a group of 8 Entrepreneurs. Through this group we have annual retreats and we’ve used several different presenters. Rich was by far the best at listening to us and creating custom content for our group.  Since that retreat he’s coached one of my employees, run several company planning session, and now he’s coaching me! Not only has he helped me through some very difficult times, I count him as a close friend.

Lisa Vitale

President, SimplyDIRECT

Generous with their time and talents

I have only been working with Rich and Maureen for a short period of time, however, we quickly discovered that they are truly our team members.  Generous with their time and talents, Rich and Maureen are excellent team members to help guide us during our growth.

Ian Farr


Best business and executive coach there is

Rich is perhaps the best business and executive coach there is. Period.

Kevin Donnelly

Former President and CEO, Speedwire

Thank for your being with us every step of the way

Many companies struggle to find the right coach to help them achieve their dreams. We faced many challenges, but the biggest one was pivoting from a services company to a product company. It was not until that we worked with Rich Russakoff that we were able to secure a $500,000 Loan and Line of Credit in order to give us enough fuel to pivot. This set the foundation for our growth – 179% in 2 years. Thank you Rich for being with us every step of the way and guiding us through the process.

Ben Mendoza

Director of Operations, CM First Group

Amazing take-aways for life and business

Imagine an organization where everyone is focusing their time and efforts where they excel the most, adding incredible value and are loving life. Rich Russakoff’s “Taking Your Big Leap” discussion shows you how to have this. My recent Entrepreneurial Masters Program class found amazing take-aways for life and business. He is a must see!

Brian Brault


Brings focus… and draws attention to what really matters

Rich’s coaching has made a noteworthy difference in my management style. His process highlighted strengths and listed areas of improvement with sincerity. His consideration and kindness during business ups and downs is extremely valued. Rich brings focus to what really makes a business tick and draws attention to what really matters in both business and with work-life balance. My entire team enjoyed the process. I would recommend Rich to anyone seeking to find what their real ambitions are and to anyone looking to grow personally.

Polly Pickering

Managing Director, eShore Ltd.

His experience and insight helped us through when we really needed it

We could not have made our transition out of the bootstrap phase without Rich’s help.  Rich is amazing to work with, and his experience and insight helped us through when we really needed it.

Steven Kapor

President, Fundriver

Master at helping businesses

Rich is a master at helping businesses land the perfect bank loan – a loan structured so it supports the business model, marshaled through the process by the right banker for your business. All too often, business owners approach the loan process in a sloppy and shoot-from-the-hip manner. Instead, it’s a process that demands precision. Handled correctly, it can mean the difference between sleepless nights and peace of mind. Without question, Rich Russakoff is the best at putting together a loan package that makes banks compete for your business.

Verne Harnish

Author, Speaker, Coach , Rockefeller Habits

My go-to guy

You have been speaking for the AICPA for the past four years. Your evaluation scores are consistently the highest in all 3 categories we survey: knowledge of subject presentation skills and relevance. I work with over 250 speakers a year, but you are my go-to guy. In my 11 years of planning conferences, I have not come across a more creative and dedicated force.

Alicia S. Ross

American Institute of Certified Public Accountants

My email box was chock full of praise

I wanted to thank you in writing for the incredible and worthwhile presentation you made to the YEO Boston chapter. My email box was chock full of praise for you on the following day. Members felt that you had hit important issues dead on and had provided valuable insight into some of the things they were doing. The four members who met with you privately before the event were the most enthusiastic. Thanks for that added bonus. Call or email me if you have any questions regarding Rich and his presentation.

Morris Housen

YEO Boston

Huge positive impact

Rich Russakoff had a huge positive impact on every businessperson I have directed his way. His real-world, hands-on approach to the issues that confront every business makes a real difference.

Gary Hoover

Serial Entrepreneur , Big Wig Games

Star of the show

Wow! You were the star of the show! This audience had great things to say about you. Out of 40 nationally known speakers, you were #1. Congratulations.


Kevin Gilligan

Inc. Magazine Conference Division

Your presentation is essential for any business

Your presentation is essential for any business. I challenge anyone to hear your talk and not be able to immediately implement changes that positively impact their bottom line.

Mo Fathelbab

President , EO

You’re on track to be your best 

I was rockin’ as soon as I received a call from Rich. He’s the coach to the best because as soon as he starts coaching you, you’re on track to be your best.

Aaron Thurston

Lucy Music