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Amazing take-aways for life and business

Imagine an organization where everyone is focusing their time and efforts where they excel the most, adding incredible value and are loving life. Rich Russakoff's "Taking Your Big Leap" discussion shows you how to have this. My recent Entrepreneurial Masters Program class found amazing takeaways for life and business. He is a must see!

Brian Brault


Solid, Actionable, Take-aways 

Entrepreneurs need solid, actionable take-aways when they devote precious time to being a lifetime learner. Solid, actionable take-aways are precisely how Rich Russakoff has developed his career as an internationally acclaimed speaker, featured at hundreds of entrepreneurial conferences and leadership workshops.

AustinFarWestCapitalWith over 35-years experience as a serial entrepreneur and speaker, Rich's presentations have been offered with sponsorship alliance partnerships for entrepreneurial audiences through conferences and workshops, including:

  •    INC Magazine Conferences
  •    Fortune Magazine Summit 
  •    Entrepreneur Organization Conferences and Universities Worldwide 
  •    Associations and Franchises
  •    Annual presenter at the Entrepreneurial Masters Program at MIT

 His most popular programs today are:

  • The CEO Checklist: How Savvy Entrepreneurs Survive and Prosper
  • How to Create a Sensational Presentation for Any Kind of Funding
  • Make Banks Compete to Lend You Money: The 10 Surefire Steps to Bank Funding Success

For more information about these seminars, read below.

Taking the Big Leap

In this fun, interactive program, you will learn how to take YOUR Big Leap to achieve the ultimate level of success in your business. You will come away from this program with the knowledge and a plan of action to direct your time and energy toward greater joy, fulfillment and results. This is not bull. It's a game changer.

You will learn:

  • How to have fun getting the best out of yourself by Taking the Big Leap
  • Gain clarity on your job description as a CEO
  • The one question you must constantly ask yourself
  • The four skills every great leader must master
  • How to identify the five positions you must fill with rockstars
  • Why playing to your "strengths" may be holding you back
  • What it takes to maximize your energy
How to Create a Culture of Profitability: Managing costs and cash flow while maximizing profits

This program will show you how to generate dynamite and immediate results to your bottom-line profits by lowering costs and increasing top line and profitability. The program clearly shows why everyone in a company should care about profitability and how to get that message across to your staff.

The seminar is driven by a case study, which demonstrates how one company educated, created buy-in, challenged, measured, monitored, established rewards, and celebrated victories. This quarterly rock was a game-changer that resulted in the company's first double-digit bottom-line profits and highest revenue ever. As a result, the company became a Culture of Profitability.

The case study will provide you with a blueprint on how to achieve this with your company.

Participants will also learn:

  • How to make expense management a profit center
  • The power of small changes
  • How to identify your Value Drivers
  • What is the leading indicator of profitability
  • The single most important measurement of whether you made or lost money
  • The importance of untangling profit centers
  • Best practices for managing cash flow and receivables
  • How to identify Hidden Costs

Remember, when you control your money, you control your future!

From Blame and Drama to Creativity and Joy

It’s so easy to fall into the trap of blaming others and seeing ourselves as the victim. In all too many professional and family relationships there is a dysfunctional rush that comes from playing the blame game, with each player insisting they are the victim.

You can engage life in a greater spirit of ease and playfulness!

This program can be a your game changer as you learn: 

  • The 5 tools to shift from drama and blame to creativity and collaboration
  • How to let go of fear and anxiety and move into collaboration
  • How to shift from victim to creator
  • How to channel fear into an essential ingredient in the creative process
  • 3 ways to change patterns that no longer serve you or the situation
  • Why focusing on who's “right” and “wrong” keep you stuck in drama
  • The 4 beliefs that keep you in drama
  • How to tap into the power of body-centered wisdom
  • How to maximize your energy for creativity and productivity
  • How to encourage others to join you in more positive relationships
How to Create a Sensational Presentation for Any Kind of Funding

(Russakoff’s “Principles for Acquiring Capital”)

In this interactive hands-on program, Rich shares a wealth of experiences – international in scope. Through a series of humorous and relatable stories he provides a high-level overview of the concepts, principles and processes for acquiring capital. Participants will learn fundamental “how-to” steps for establishing and maintaining relationships that are critical to funding business growth.

This session is packed with practical take-home knowledge that will give you the confidence and tools to deal with the challenges of ongoing financial relationships. For example, how do you go back to your sources for funding after your company has not made its projections, has experienced a downturn, or is out of covenant?

The program shares real-life examples of acquiring capital TODAY including how to speak the language specific to:

  • Banks

  • Angel investors

  • Investment bankers

  • Institutions

  • Potential business buyers

  • Government programs

  • Crowdfunding

  • Creative/Alternative Funding Opportunities

Rich’s methodology allows you to make your funding sources compete to lend you money.

Make Banks Compete to Lend You Money

The 10 Surefire Steps to Bank Financing Success

At last! A seminar that takes the mystery out of bank financing and puts you in the driver seat. Businesses are routinely rejected for loans because they do not provide lenders with what they need to make favorable decisions. In this seminar, presented by Rich Russakoff, author of the book “Make Banks Compete to Lend You Money,” you will learn in 10 clear steps how to design and execute a loan strategy to get the money you need at the most favorable terms.

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What sets you apart from other speakers is the fact that you are accessible and willing to share your time

I wanted to take an opportunity to thank you for your hard work over the past several years with the Inc. conference division. As you know, we work with hundreds of speakers, we have always been delighted with your presentations.

What sets you apart from other speakers is the fact that you are accessible and willing to share your time in the development phase of an event. Asking critical questions and sharing your experiences has led to great educational content for the attendee and through preparedness on your behalf.

Your flexibility and adaptability on site at the conference has been great. Conferences are at times unpredictable and your ability to adjust, when others cannot is deeply appreciated. Lastly, your insightful comments and observations after the conference, as they relate to the presentations and the audiences educational needs, has helped Inc. create stronger and stronger programming.


Kevin Gilligan

Senior Conference Producer, Inc. Business Resources

I just wanted to thank you, as our Inc. representative at the Birthing of Giants Program, for another successful session.

For the second year in a row, you were the number one speaker at this event! But I probably do not have to tell you how great your presentation was. After all, just about the entire audience approached you after the session.

Rich, thank you for always making us look so good and sharing your expertise!


Linda Burton

Director, Inc. Events



The person that gave me the biggest takeaway from this event, is Rich Russakoff...

As I’m writing this, I’m on a plane returning from the 2010 Fortune Growth Summit, where I was exposed to some amazing speakers and content on growing and making your business better.

Some of the speakers included David Sokol (who Warren Buffet calls his Mr. Fix it...), Chip Heath with his bestselling book Switch, Liz Wiseman with her new leadership book Multipliers (very impressive!), Robert Bloom who is a marketing legend, and David Meerman Scott who shared his new book Real Time Marketing & PR. The conference ended with Tom Adams, CEO of Rosetta Stone.

Even with all this Star power, the person that I want to tell you about, the person that gave me the biggest takeaway from this event, is Rich Russakoff and his talk on getting more cash to flow to the bottom line. Rich is an international expert on cash flow management and bank financing.

Greg D'Amico

I just finished reading the evaluations and Rich received mainly 9's and 10's. The recurring themes related to the most effective aspects of the program were...Rich's practical "real world" experience and its user friendly content/take home actionable value. Specifically we received excellent feedback about the morning program regarding financial statements, value drivers, strategies for growth, cash flow projections and knowing the competition.

Denis Barnes

St. Louis Chapter Learning Chair, EO

I wanted to thank you in writing for the incredible and worthwhile presentation you made to the YEO Boston chapter.  My email box was chock full of praise for you on the following day. Members felt that you had hit important issues dead on and had provided valuable insight into some of the things they were doing.  The four members who met with you privately before the event were the most enthusiastic. Thanks for that added bonus.  Please stay in touch every so often.  I will try to copy all of the YEO Learning chairs on this, as I believe all of the chapters would gain by having you present. Thanks again. Learning Chairs, The Boston Chapter had great success with Rich Russakoff and I felt it worthwhile to share our experience with you.
Morris Housen

Boston Chapter Learning Chair , EO

The seminar was even better than we had hoped. Rich’s presentation style was excellent, holding the audience and demonstrating that he was a seasoned pro. I was impressed and appreciative that when the program was done Rich stayed to help some of my clients who wanted even more advice regarding their specific needs and problems. This showed me that Rich was not just there to present a program; he was there to help people.  
Nathan Chapman

The Marketing Center for Disability Law Practices

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