At 71, I feel more in touch with who I am and what matters to me then at anytime in my life. I’d like to thank all of you who reached out and wished me a happy birthday and share a few thoughts and observations as I continue my journey into my 7th decade.

I believe that things don’t necessarily happen for reason, but in life all sorts of things happen and it’s up to us to deal with them, learn from them and create joy for ourselves and those we care about.

I believe life is a sum and total of our experiences. For me there is no better way to learn and to live than through experience.

My primary regrets are a result of actions I have taken that hurt people, stemmed from not standing up for myself or from talking myself out of doing things that I could have learned and grown from.

It was 50 years ago when I reached the legal age to vote. It saddens me that there are so many governors that are making it difficult or nearly impossible for American citizens to vote.

The amount of hate and violence that there is in the world is devastating. Unfortunately, I don’t believe that this will ever change. I believe that change must come one person at a time and that is must come from within.

I am grateful for having a wonderful family, spouse and friends. I love music and being able to live in Austin, Texas, “The Live Music Capital of the World”, is my little bit of heaven.

My career path as an entrepreneur, business coach and speaker has evolved over the years and has given me a sharp mind, great friends, and the perspective that comes with traveling the world.

I don’t believe that time flies. Years and decades take a long time. But, everyday is a gift and if I am fortunate enough to have another decade of health, and life that will be a wonderful blessing.

Last month, I had my right shoulder replaced and I’m looking forward to being able to swim again, stand up on a bike while going up a hill and participating in a mini-triathlon by the end of the year. Saturday, Moe and I leave for a learning event in Esalen, on the magnificent coast of Big Sur and then we’re off to Akumal for a week where we will celebrate our anniversary..

Being healthy, being in love with a beautiful woman and being able to use my mind to learn teach and grow on a daily basis…what bliss!!! 

Stay healthy, stay active, stay positive and stay ALIVE!  

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