In this interactive hands-on program, Rich shares a wealth of experience. Through a serious of humorous and relatable stories he provides a high-level overview of the concepts, principles, and processes to acquire funding. Participants will learn fundamental how-to steps for establishing and maintaining relationships critical to funding business growth.

Participants will leave this session with practical take-home knowledge and the confidence to deal with the challenges of financing relationships. For example, how do you go back to your sources for funding after your company hasn’t made its projections, has experienced a downturn, or is out of covenant?

The program shares real-life examples of how to acquire capital TODAY, including how to speak the language that resonates with:

  • Banks
  • Angel investors
  • Investment bankers
  • Potential business buyers
  • Government programs
  • Crowd-funding sources
  • Creative / alternative funding opportunities

Rich’s methodology allows you to make your funders compete to lend you money.