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What are your challenges?

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Your customized and personalized Forum Retreat

Big impacts on our business

Thanks very much for your work with all of us in our retreat last month. I have been sharing what I learned since returning and have acted on a few great ideas that have had big impacts on our business.

Sharon MacDonald

CEO, Model55

In your Forum Retreat,

Rich shows you how to:

Recognize and overcome personal and business barriers, create a Culture of Profitability, foster and maintain a can-do environment

 TAKING YOUR BIG LEAP…How your retreat will facilitate Breakthroughs

As a lifetime entrepreneur, business coach, global EO speaker, and certified Big Leap Coach, Rich will guide you in:

  • Clearly defining your role and responsibilities as a CEO
  • Optimizing your time and energy expenditures to see greater personal and professional returns
  • Ensuring a culture of individual responsibility and accountability

Following his research of each participant’s company, Rich provides one-on-one phone interviews with participants in preparation for the retreat. The goal is to personalize, customize, and maximize the value of this event for your Forum Chapter members.

“I challenge anyone to hear your talk and not be able to implement changes that positively impact their bottom line.”

Mo Fathelbab, Author of Forum: The Secret Advantage of Successful Leaders

“Rich Russakoff had a huge positive impact on every business person I have directed his way. His real-world, hands-on approach to the issues that confront every business makes a real difference.”

Gary Hoover, Serial Entrepreneur, Big Wig Games


Consider Austin

Our dynamic city will inspire you! Choose to do your Forum Retreat in the Live Music Capital of the World”, please ask us about our special accommodations package.

When you bring in “The Russakoff Team”, Rich will lead your two-day program while Maureen will facilitate breakouts with fun, innovative improvisation exercises and an afternoon workshop on work-life balance. (Maureen is a graduate of The Second City in Chicago, the founder of New Story Games, and a certified Big Leap Coach).

While Maureen leads these afternoon breakout afternoon sessions, Rich will schedule 60-minute “one-on-one” individualized coaching sessions.

Sample Retreat Agenda

Based on collaboration with Forum Members

A 2 day highly-interactive, roll-up-your sleeves experience

Day 1 – AM & PM
facilitated by Rich Russakoff
Living Your Passion
  • Finding your Zone of Genius
  • Identifying and breaking through Upper Limits barriers
Defining Your Role as CEO and Leader
  • Your job description
  • Making the tough choices
  • Identifying the brutal facts
Mastering the Financial Side of Your Business
  • Overcoming the fear of financials
  • Creating a Culture of Profitability
  • The power of small changes
  • Management cash flow

Day 2 – AM
facilitated by Rich Russakoff
Creating a “Can-do Results” Culture
  • Execution – getting things done the first time
Day 2 – PM
facilitated by Moe Russakoff
Life Balance: Close Relationships
  • Shifting from Blame and Drama to expressing Creativity and Joy
OPTIONAL 1-hour one-on-one coaching with Rich Russakoff on Day 2: Available on a first-come-first-served basis. 
Please RSVP by email at:


Fees for this dynamic program are $5,000, which includes research, individual calls to each member in advance of the forum, customized program, and the forum itself. Travel expenses, lodging, and meals are additional. Book before April 1, 2016 to recieve a $500 discount.

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