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Are you living everyday in your zone of genius?
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This is a dynamic, special, collaborative experience, based on Rich and Moe's experience as certified The Big Leap Coaches

Your goal? To find your Zone of Genius and translate that into the remainder of your life, your work, your business. 

The Rich and Moe Difference

A highly-customized, multi-day experience, starting with extensive research on each company, one-on-one  Skype interview with each Forum Retreat participant. Your end result is a fully customized and personalized Forum Retreat.

Thanks very much for your work with all of us in our retreat last month. I have been sharing what I learned since returning and have acted on a few great ideas that have had big impacts on our business.

Sharon MacDonald

CEO, Model55

My search for facilitators started with a long list I acquired from the peer group. I called the entire list and interviewed many people, but then I spoke to Rich and Moe. The first time we spoke I felt so comfortable we spoke for over an hour. They quickly and clearly understood what we wanted and I was impressed. I proceeded to check their references and have subsequent interviews, ultimately deciding to go with Rich and Moe.
Rich and Moe are both impressive facilitators who were always in touch with everyone in the group. Their
knowledge of business and expertise in entrepreneurship brought tremendous insights to all of us. Along with their undeniable talent, Rich and Moe were an absolute joy to be around.

Steven Risso

Sample Forum Retreat Agenda

Day 1

Finding your “Zone of Genius” and identifying and breaking through your “Upper Limits Barriers.”

Day 2

Execution and getting things done the first time, while shifting from Blame and Drama to expressing your Creativity and Joy.


Retreat Facilitation

Workshops and the facilitation of small groups have always been a strength and a passion for Rich. Moe, a graduate of the Second City Training Center, the largest school of improvisation and sketch comedy in the world, knows we do our best work together when we play together, staying open to our own creativity. As a result, Rich and Moe have created what is a refreshing and dynamic approach to retreat facilitation.  

Our approach means a retreat developed just for your company, including calls with key players (or your whole team) in advance. This allows us to personalize, customize, and maximize the value of your event. Rich will facilitate the main group and break-out sessions. At your discretion, Moe will facilitate fun and innovative improvisational exercises that truly allow your team to break down barriers and grow as a group.

Together, we will work with you and your team to create a customized agenda based on your needs so you get the most out of your retreat.

Trainings, Workshops & Seminars

Does your Leadership Team need better alignment or help taking your company to the next level of growth? Could your entire team benefit from better communication or less workplace blame and drama?

We offer one-time, ongoing or virtual Skype trainings, workshops, and seminars to give your team the skills they need to take themselves, and your company, to the greatest level of success. Contact us today to discuss your needs and see how the Coach to the Best Team can tailor a program for you.