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Rich’s coaching services are as unique as a person’s fingerprint. Because every business and business owner have a distinct set of needs, expectations, challenges, and focuses, Rich provides a wide array of coaching services, from on-site analysis to weekly phone or email check-ins. Like all good coaches, Rich takes his clients’ individual challenges and opportunities personally, and is invested in their personal and professional growth as well as the growth of their businesses. As a part of his coaching expertise, Rich will assess:
  • How well does your company use capital?
  • Are you maximizing revenue from profit centers?
  • Which of your profit centers are the “cash cows?”
  • Are the CEO and leadership team playing to their individual and team strengths?
  • Does the leadership team communicate effectively?
  • How do you measure your progress?
  • Does your company have the right financing to grow?
  • Can you make the critical and essential changes to your business model to take your business to the next level?
  • What are your personal lifelong issues holding you back from achieving your best as a leader?
Over the years, Rich has learned that every business has challenges. His coaching speaks to the unique strengths, market opportunities, client base, focus, culture, priorities, profitability and cash positions of his different clients. Rich’s guidance has been invaluable to CEOs of rapid-growth companies. Rich’s client-base includes dozens of current and past Birthing of Giants (BOG) / Entrepreneurial Masters Program (EMP) graduates, as well as six Inc. 500 and Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award winners.

I would not be standing here today without Rich’s guidance and support. He is my coach and mentor and has been an endless source of knowledge, wisdom, motivation and business expertise.

Brett Hatton

Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Winner, Founder, Four Hands