Rich is the author of the influential book Make Banks Compete to Lend You Money: The Complete Guide to Business Loans – “The Bible on Bank Financing”. This indispensable book provides step-by-step guidance to obtaining bank financing with the lowest rates, best terms, and most favorable covenants.

Rich is also a regular contributor to CBS MoneyWatch where he writes on subjects of interest to entrepreneurs and small business owners.

He authored the chapter “Mastering the Art of Bank Financing” in the best-selling book, Rockefeller Habits, by Verne Harnish.

Rich has been published in or quoted by The Wall Street Journal, Business Finance Magazine, Inc. Magazine, CNN Money, Fortune Small Business, Entrepreneur Magazine, Journal of the American Banking Association, and Ingram’s Magazine.

Make Banks Compete To Lend You Money

The Complete Guide to Business Loans by Rich Russakoff and Mary Goodman

Make Banks Compete To Lend You MoneyDiscover your keys to the bank vault at every stage of business growth with simple but powerful strategies and tools. * Climb into the driver’s seat when negotiating rates, terms, conditions, and even personal guarantees. * Craft a loan package that flies through any banking bureaucracy. * Get a loan officer to volunteer to champion your loan. * Turn your tax return into a secret weapon. * Create a buyer’s market, even in today’s banking climate. The ability to obtain credit is a precious and finite resource. This book will show you how to get a lifetime competitive edge by mastering the system.


Mastering the Rockefeller Habits

What You Must Do to Increase the Value of Your Growing Firm 

by Verne Harnish

Mastering the Rockefeller Habits coverRich Russakoff wrote the final chapter (10) of this book. The chapter title is Mastering the Art of Bank Financing.

The fundamental ideas that produce real market value and owner wealth are based on the same “habits” John D. Rockefeller employed to master the oil industry. During that era Rockefeller’s disciplined approach to business replaced the helter-skelter methods of the original pioneering speculators. These important disciplines explained in Mastering the Rockefeller Habits need to be embraced by all companies that want to prosper in the upcoming decade.

5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent Resource When I Needed It, July 11, 2013
This review is from: Make Banks Compete to Lend You Money (Kindle Edition)
As the owner of a small business, I recently needed to find a new bank. Our current bank wouldn’t give us the flexibility we needed to continue to grow the business. Using the wisdom in this book, we contacted ten banks to compete for our business. Some were small community banks while others were large, national banks. We took the authors’ advice and scheduled the meetings over two days at our offices so the banks could see our business in action. In addition, we scheduled the meetings close together so the banks would realize they were competing. Each meeting was 90 minutes. We asked for a $3 million A/R loan with an 80% advance rate and a $150,000 term loan over three years. We also asked for flexibility with some of our customers who can take up to 120 days to pay but are reliable payers. As the book suggested, we also put together a large binder that organized all of the information well and provided 95%+ of what the bankers would want. The result? Nine of the ten banks agreed to meet with us. All were impressed with our level of preparation and our presentation. The questions we received after the presentation have been minimal given how prepared we were and how much information we gave them when we met. Two banks have already given us strong proposals – better than we expected in terms of interest rate, flexibility and covenants. Yesterday, we contacted the other seven banks to give them a deadline to submit a proposal. Once we have all the proposals next week, we’re going to compare all of them to identify ways we can negotiate with the bank who has given us the most favorable proposal. We are very optimistic that we will have a new bank in place in the next few weeks and the flexibility we need to grow our business. Thanks Rich!


Lynn M. Galbenski

I have known and worked with Rich for 10 years, through all the financial ups and downs of the past decade. In my experience, there is no better experts in the field of advising fast-growth companies on how to accelerate their growth with the right balance of external funding and organic cash generation than Rich Russakoff. In his new book, “Make Banks Compete to Loan You Money”, he can help you secure the RIGHT capital, from the RIGHT resources, with the RIGHT timing, at the RIGHT cost – and without giving away your precious dreams and your hard-earned equity stake in your business. His guidance can make the vision of growing your business on a secure and healthy financial base a more certain reality. While there are never any absolute guarantees of financial success in this world, taking the seasoned advice of Rich in directing the growth of your business will give you an enduring inside advantage and an insurance policy against failure.

Ron Huntington

Founder and Emeritus Head Coach, Gazelles International

This should be required reading for business owners who will definitely benefit from the practical tips and excellent suggestions culled from Rich’s years of experience. I’ve known Rich for 15+ years — and he has done a superb job of offering the effective strategies & tactics for business owners to get a better banking relationship or improve their existing banking relationship.

Brett W. Kaplowitz

Senior Vice President & Commercial Loan Officer, Bank of Georgetown, Washington, DC.

Thanks for creating this timely tool!  This is a landmark book chocked full of timely tips and rich insight – both thought provoking and filled with compelling easy-to-implement strategies for obtaining the best financing!  As a business consultant, I am thrilled to have this resource to share with clients.  It should be required reading for anyone seeking to acquire funds in this “more competitive financial environment.

Margie Johnson

President of Shop Talk

Rich is a wizard in dealing with the banking community. I really don’t know how they do it.  They accepted two assignments from us: the first a very sensitive change of corporate leadership where we needed to preserve an important banking relationship and the second obtaining a financing option for our customers during a very difficult economic period. “Rich and Mary added value within the first ten minutes.  We had our bank presentation and it kicked butt! They guided us through every step of the process and did a superb job.”

In both cases, Rich and Mary hit homeruns for us and in the second allowed us to  secure the entire deal soup to nuts in less than 60 days after we had been unable to find a solution in over three years. These guys are the “real deal” when it comes to navigating the arcane and often insanely frustrating world of banking and high finance.

Richard Rossi

Creator - Envision EMI

Rich’s process for helping growth companies analyze, projects and secure the RIGHT financing, from the RIGHT institutions at the RIGHT cost is above and beyond anything I have seen and it really, really works! In their new book “Make Banks Compete to Loan you Money”, Rich has taken Chapter 10 of “Mastering the Rockefeller Habits” to a new level

Keith Cupp

President, Gazelles International

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