Rich Russakoff: Coach to The Best

Rich is an internationally acclaimed business coach, speaker, author, and serial entrepreneur. He brings more than 45 years experience successfully starting and developing businesses, working with CEOs and other entrepreneurs, training, consulting, and business brokering. Rich offers fresh eyes to business owners, allowing them to see things they would otherwise not see.

Rich’s solid reputation is based on cutting edge knowledge, combined with his make-it-simple / make-it-happen approach. As CEO of Bottom Line Up Enterprises, he serves entrepreneurial companies throughout the world. CEOs and the leadership teams of rapid-growth companies regularly seek his guidance. Because his programs and presentations provide a wealth of practical, real-time information, Rich is always in demand.

Recently, Rich presented ‘Taking the Big Leap’ for the Entrepreneurial Masters Program at MIT. His reviews included: “I love the ideas Rich shared. Very powerful.”, “Best so far”, “Great content and motivation”, and “Absolutely loved Rich.”

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Maureen (Moe) McBride-Russakoff: _

A serial entrepreneur, Moe shares her vision of the world as a place where we do our best work when we play together, staying open to our own creativity. After working for many years as a bandleader, singer, songwriter, humorist and voice over talent, she found a great niche for her talents as a true pioneer in internet based marketing. As founding CEO of Ready Set Grow USA she served as a consultant for small businesses, providing a suite of tools and training. The mission of her company was to provide businesses the opportunity to maximize the effectiveness of their online presence.

Since moving to Austin in 2012, Moe founded New Story Games. This is a part of her strategic shift back into using the techniques of Improvisation for corporate and personal development trainings, with a mission to move from gender bias to gender balance in the workforce and at home.

Following a two year course of study provided by the Hendricks Institute, Moe added certification as a Big Leap Coach to her list of credentials in February of 2015.

Carley Staib: Director of Operations

Carley joined the Coach to the Best team in 2016. Carley’s natural organization and attention to detail made her a great fit for the company. As the Director of Operations, she ensures that we keep our promises and that everything is running smoothly. 

Carley is a multi-talented executive assistant and entrepreneur living in Austin, TX. She started her career as an investigative intern for the Public Defender Service in Washington, DC. Since then her attention hard work has grown into thriving partnerships with a diverse group of clients. In her free time she enjoys biking, reading, cooking and doing art projects with her husband. Whether it be logistics or creative projects, Carley brings energy, care and intelligence to any task at hand.

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