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Rich Russakoff: Coach to The Best

Rich is an internationally acclaimed business coach, speaker, author, and serial entrepreneur. He brings more than 45 years experience successfully starting and developing businesses, working with CEOs and other entrepreneurs, training, consulting, and business brokering. Rich offers fresh eyes to business owners, allowing them to see things they would otherwise not see.

Rich’s solid reputation is based on cutting edge knowledge, combined with his make-it-simple / make-it-happen approach. As CEO of Bottom Line Up Enterprises, he serves entrepreneurial companies throughout the world. CEOs and the leadership teams of rapid-growth companies regularly seek his guidance. Because his programs and presentations provide a wealth of practical, real-time information, Rich is always in demand.

Recently, Rich presented ‘Taking the Big Leap’ for the Entrepreneurial Masters Program at MIT. His reviews included: “I love the ideas Rich shared. Very powerful.”, “Best so far”, “Great content and motivation”, and “Absolutely loved Rich.”

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Maureen (Moe) McBride-Russakoff: _

Maureen (Moe) McBride-Russakoff: 


Moe, a serial entrepreneur, shares her vision of the world as a place where we do our best work when we play together, staying open to our creativity. A graduate of Second City Training Center in Chicago, Moe spent several seasons teaching Improv alongside David Shepherd, a legend in the Chicago Improv scene. 

After working for many years as a bandleader, singer, songwriter, humorist, and voice-over talent, using applied creativity as the common denominator, she found a great niche as a true pioneer in internet-based marketing. As founding CEO of Indy Pen Dance, LLC, she served as a consultant for small businesses, providing a suite of tools and training, allowing companies to maximize the effectiveness of their online presence. 

Following a two-year course of study provided by the Hendricks Institute, Moe added certification as a Big Leap Coach to her list of credentials in February of 2015.

Independent research lead Moe to study Non-Violent Communication led to discovering the 5 Chairs 5 Choices methodology developed by the incomparable thought leader, Louise Evans (Louise has done a spectacular job of making NVC teachings infinitely more accessible). In April of 2019, Rich and Moe traveled to Tuscany, Italy, for a resident workshop with Louise Evans. Rich and Moe are two of four coaches in the USA, designated as Ambassadors for the 5 Chairs 5 Choices behavioral management system.

As a partner in the Coach to The Best, Moe is passionate about developing leadership and communication skills. She has authored a unique three-step system (AMT) for expanding our stress responses beyond fight and flight. She focuses on high-growth entrepreneurs, and their leadership teams coaching in overcoming upper limit barriers and developing their leadership skills to reach their full potential. In group or Forum settings Moe is delighted to use Improv games and techniques; “You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than a year of conversation.”—Plato.