“Rich is a master at helping businesses land the perfect bank loan – a loan structured so it supports the business model, marshaled through the process by the right banker for your business. All too often, business owners approach the loan process in a sloppy and shoot-from-the-hip manner. Instead, it’s a process that demands precision. Handled correctly, it can mean the difference between sleepless nights and peace of mind. Without question, Rich Russakoff the best at putting together a loan package that makes banks compete for your business.”~Verne Harnish, best-selling author of Rockefeller Habits & Founder of Gazelles”



gary_hoover_0“Rich Russakoff had a huge positive impact on every businessperson I have directed his way.

His real-world, hands-on approach to the issues that confront every business makes a real difference.




Gary Hoover, serial entrepreneur, founder of Hoover’s, Inc. (hoovers.com), author, speaker hooversworld.com



DavidGelbinski“No matter the economic times, securing access to capital is priority No. 1.  When I needed to secure a banking relationship for a new global service delivery model, I turned to Rich Russakoff.  Rich and his team were fantastic to work with throughout the process. The bottom line: They delivered results.”



David J. Galbenski, Esq.
Founder & Chairman of Lumen Legal Entrepreneurs’ Organization Global Chairman 2008-09 

2005 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award winner


harvey-sackettIt’s September 17, 2008, one day after the collapse of Lehman Brothers.  Shivers are running through the financial markets, and pouring (not trickling) down to small businesses and consumers.  How is it that given the immediate and profound ripple emanating from the first of several catastrophic events on Wall Street, I’m able to get five offers for bank financing?  Very simple – Rich Russakoff.  The package he prepared on my firm’s behalf was so impressive by virtue of its copiousness that banks felt embarrassed to consider saying ‘no.'”
 Harvey Sackett

Sackett & Associates

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