Taking the Big Leap

Achieve the Ultimate Level of Success in Your Business & Life

In this fun, interactive program, you will discover how to take YOUR Big Leap, achieving the ultimate level of fulfillment in your life and your business. Come away with a plan of action to direct all your time and energy toward greater joy and results. Taking the Big Leap is your game changer.

By participating in this program, you will learn:

  • How to identify your Zone of Genius
  • Your CEO job description
  • How to identify and overcome the personal barriers that are keeping you from excellence
  • The one question you must constantly ask yourself
  • The five positions you must fill with rockstars
  • Why playing to your “strengths” may be holding you back
  • What it takes to maximize your energy
  • How to have fun getting the best out of yourself and your life


Rich Russakoff’s Big Leap program provides you with the tools and allows you the personal permission to achieve your greatest fulfillment.


Star of the show!

Wow! You were the star of the show! This audience had great things to say about you. Out of 40 nationally known speakers, you were #1. Congratulations.

Kevin Gilligan

Inc. Magazine Conference Division

Amazing take-away for life and business

Imagine an organization where everyone is focusing their time and efforts where they excel the most, adding incredible value, and are loving life. Rich Russakoff’s [Taking the Big Leap] and “Zone of Genius” discussion shows you how to have this. My recent Entrepreneurial Masters Program class found amazing take-away for life and business. He is a must see!

Brian Brault

Global Chairman, Entrepreneurs' Organization, CEO, PURE Rooms

It’s been a few weeks since EMP and I wanted to reach out to you to let you know that your presentation is one that’s had a profound effect on me. I am continually evaluating against my Zone of Genius and pushing to stay in that zone as much as possible.
We had our first accountability group meet up yesterday and 4 people also cited the “Zone of Genius” concept as the thing that has impacted them the most as well.
I just wanted to let you know – you’re making a huge difference out there!
Marc Gutman

Founder, Wild Story

Your presentation is essential for any business. I challenge anyone to hear your talk and not be able to immediately implement changes that positively impact their bottom line.

Mo Fathelbab

I will succeed!

I have much enjoyed your talk at the EMP-class in June this year at Endicott House.
The coin you distributed… is at my desk staring at me and it keeps reminding me to focus on my Zone of Genius. And I have to admit: I haven’t been doing a very good job… So today I decided to hire people that can take over the roles that are in my zone of competence and incompetence, so I can focus on my zone of genius. It may take a while before I find these people, but I will succeed!
Fleur M. Sluijter

My email inbox was chock full of praise…

I wanted to thank you in writing for the incredible and worthwhile presentation you made to the EO Boston chapter. My email box was chock full of praise for you on the following day. Members felt that you had hit important issues dead on and had provided valuable insight… The four members who met with you privately before the event were the most enthusiastic. Thanks for that added bonus.

Morris Housen

EO Boston

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